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Questions For Zup 2 years 10 months ago #382525

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Hi Zup (I'll email this as well),

1. Is there a way to even numbers of players on teams? The best games are even on each side. It'd be nice to have 5 vs. 5. I don't mind being 1 versus all--but new folks struggle. 
2. Is there an advantage to a single squad not firing on other squad members. For example, if I'm red and another member of Wolf Pack is blue do I get extra points not firing on them or sitting at base? Seems a squad should play the game as designed. 
3, Seeing a lot of cussing in game and on chat. It's happened before but it seems to be back and bit out of control. 

BTW, the planes fly nice and enjoying the weather changes. Just a few antics going on. 

Thank you, 

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Questions For Zup 2 years 10 months ago #382527

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The game by default even the number of players on each side. The problem is that so many people requested to be able to choose their side that I added that feature to subscribers. 

As for your squad members, it makes ZERO difference if they are your squadmates. If they are red, you MUST shoot at them. It´s completely idiotic to see people on the same squad not shooting at each other when they are enemies.

As for those subscriber privilages. I´m debating a lot lately about what to do. Lot of new players stop playing because they are able to pick sides or World War 1/2 and outrank them fast. The old system didn´t allow for this and it put together people of similar ranks and even games. Sometimes it's better to ignore requests no matter how many times they request them.
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