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Questions for my tutorial 2 years 7 months ago #384218

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Hello! I want to start thanking you for keeping this game updated and always taking care of the requests and questions at forum. I created this thread just to make you several questions because I want to update a bit the tutorial to have it ready for some new players that may download the game on these holidays.

Most prices have been changed. For example, horse's is lower

New rewards have been added. Very useful for newbies!

I already know that the needed points to rank up have been changed (I must investigate more in order to know those new numbers); that now you can't subscribe, get a plane, and then end your subscription; that items' prices have been changed; that rooms are based in ranks again; that there's a log out button; that a Corsair has been added; that planes shouldn't be immune ar carriers anymore; that there are lots of new rewards, and many, many more... But...

1) Are items' prices the definitive ones?

2) Are the new ranks that you have to achieve to unlock new planes definitive too?

3) Are the Siemens and the Camel the only premium WW1s? Because if they are, the Nieuport 17 and the Albatros D.V are glitched, as they are showed as premium too.

The Nieuport 17 (above) and the Albatros D.V are shown as premium planes even though, if I understood correctly your messages at WC, the only premium WW1s should be the Siemens and the Camel.

4) Some said that the 'noob shield' isn't working anymore, but luckily for newbies I still can feel it. Did you really get rid of it or it's just that, thanks to new servers, it doesn't have to work as hard as before?

I tested today the protection for newbies with this aspirant and it seemed to work fine.

5) Has bullet drop been changed? Because now the game seems to have less (maybe it's that I finally learned how to aim lol...).

 Thank you so much in advance and merry Christmas!

 P.s. I'm preparing a little surprise for the tutorial too: explaining how the searching engine really works, which is way more powerful than it seems at first and has some interesting features... 
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Questions for my tutorial 2 years 7 months ago #384220

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Ok, lots of questions. Let me try...

For the first 3 questions... it's easy. No, nothing is definitive right now. Since I announced that I will be working on big changes I will have to recalculate all requirements for experience, ranks, prices, and so on. I can't predict right now everything and also it wouldn't make sense if I change everything right now because when I add new airplanes it will make sense why there are gaps in between rankings but right now everyone would be wondering why those huge jumps.

4) Noob shield is still working. But remember it is based on the difference between your rank and the enemy rank. Since now the server is putting together more similarly ranked people, you won't notice the shield so much.
It is still there because, at certain hours, there are only 4 or 5 people online. I let them all play together, even if they have 40 ranks difference. Better than to sit alone bored. In that case, the noob shield helps a lot.

5) No changes on bullet drop. You just got better I guess.
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