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Important security announcement 1 year 9 months ago #387242

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Capt_hook, Swamp Dawg, Deez Nuts and many others are most likely Outlaw War. He is permanently banned as many of you know for multiple violations and keeps creating accounts here and in Discord (over 2 dozens found and banned already) acting as if is someone else for who knows what. This person has harassed different players, tried to get personal private information, and written threatening emails to the point that I had to get legal consultation.

I remind everyone that you should never share personal information in the game (names, emails, phones, addresses). You never know who is on the other side of the screen and that's why I will never ask you for account information in public. You should NEVER give me account information in Discord, the game or here, always do it by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. because in Discord it is very easy to create fake accounts. Someone was acting as Zuperman the other day in Discord on another server and talking in private with people to try to get as much information out about me and the people he was talking to acting "friendly" towards them. This person was with almost all certainty Outlaw/Deez Nutz. If you contact me in private in Discord, I will ALWAYS direct you to contact me by email. This is the main reason I never reply in private unless it's by email.

Unfortunately, this is not the first incident throughout the years. I've personally seen this played out in different games, social media, and several websites. Keep yourself and the community safe. Again, I suggest never sharing personal information in world chat, discord, or here. 

Some of the accounts used by Outlaw (Deez Nuts):
Deez Nutz
Outlaw War
Capt Hook
FaZe deez nuts

and many more. He keeps creating accounts and changing names but everything is logged in case law enforcement needs to get involved.

As for steps I've taken to mitigate abuses:
1) I've created a Discord server linked to the accounts in the game and wrote a specific bot for it. If you join the game Discord server, people must be verified by linking it to their Dogfight Elite account before they can chat on the server.
2) I've also linked the accounts in-game with the forum. You cannot create accounts in the forum without having an account in the game.
3) I added notifications in multiple places to remind everyone that I recommend never sharing personal or private information and that all interaction with me is always by email. I will never contact you in Discord, the forum, or anywhere else unless is to tell you to send me an email.
4) I permanently ban without hesitation people who are found to impersonate and try to get personal information without consent. Kids play here! I take this VERY seriously.
5) I've always worked and will always cooperate with law enforcement if they require my help.

Keep in mind that no matter what steps I take, ultimately your online presence is your responsibility. I'm not liable nor responsible for what you do online. I'm just providing some basic guidelines.

Be safe!
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